Immediate future

Thinking about the immediate future and the possibility of achieving a balance so urgent, I was not able to define a path. It is simple and complicated as life itself.
I think there is too many people in the world, but let’s not get into the absurdity of elimination. I’m a pacifist. Wars oppress my chest. I think culture and love are the only possible salvation. I believe in wisdom (which is much more than knowledge) as the only way out. When our illusions of sex, drugs and rock’n roll vanish, when we realize about all manipulation involved, we understand that what we have are the people we love. The immediacy and anxiety can make us lose the good sense but there is still some hope.
There are people becoming aware of the need to change our behavior, both as individuals and as a society. Finally we may use our free will to stop being manipulated by unbridled desires. That is the issue of being independent but not indifferent. Think for yourself and see what is really important: health, leisure, education, work, love, drinking water, summer, winter, peace of mind! Climate change is a reality and will change our lives forever. We can no longer be indifferent.
Sometimes I feel helpless and too tired to insist in this slowly cultural revolution while bandits set fire to a bus, some drunken Indians kill (and eat?) someone who was drinking with them, parents throw out the window their eight years old daughter, middle-class boys burn homeless, politicians continue their self-serving politics, and environmental devastation continues as there’s no tomorrow. Then I invoke Che and his true sentence _ “Hay que endurecer sin perder la ternura.” and I remember when Gorbachev said that the real revolution is changing the way people think, and I think about the Dalai Lama’s spiritual revolution (not religious) and about the strength of Mandela, and Gandhi’s no-violence, and I see some artists trying to wake it up with art. Then I feel I’m not alone.
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