Why all this beauty? Well, maybe God was in He’s eternal loneliness and desire some joy, so He create life. I think He had tought: “All the creation will enjoy life and it will be a pleasure to me”. Simple (for God). God has no beginning, no ending; He’s all. I’m calling God all that energy that Einstein talked about. So, the beginning of life is just a beginning for us as the end is an ending only in our way of seeing life. But humans wanted to be God. They intend to destroy the planed just to prove their own power. All the “gardners” said the same thing: “Just live and enjoy yourself”. Makes no sense run, run, run. Everything will return to the One and than… only God knows. Nietzsche was right: God is dead because we desire it. And we created the money, and we went so far on it. Is it possible to preserv the nature and living untill the natural ending of the Earth and acept that there’s no heaven and hell, only life, eternal life in constant movement, with or without memories? I don’t know but hope so.

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