What a mess!!!
They Are Lying to You About the Oklahoma City Bombing by Scott Horton — Antiwar.com

11  september:
Tragic in Chile, tragic in the USA!
I remember something in the media about the U.S. sending agents to Brazil to investigate the local Arab community (region of three frontiers). I waited for more news and luckily there was no real damage but here comes the public that there was actually an FBI agent sent to Curitiba. Worse, a radical right-wing racist. The man should infiltrate and possible forcing activists to prove then be investigated.
The film (Burn After Reading) criticizes the FBI and CIA and that intrigued me but after reading the news of the special envoy to Brazil in 2005, and today, about what goes on Oklahoma City, I can only agree and say that Ethan and Joel Coen knew what they were talking about. ..
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