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Virtual: (Medieval Latin virtualis derived, in turn, of virtus, strength, power). Something that is just unrealized (historical definition). Virtual noted would a category as real as the real is. It would not be opposed to the real. It is opposite the current, because the virtual carries a power to be, while the current is already. Something that is not physical, only conceptual. Something that is not concrete, usually an abstraction of something real. In cases of expressions such as “virtual friend” or “virtual university” the adjective “remote” or “distant” would fit more properly. For Pierre Lévy, the virtual is mediated or augmented by technology, product outsourcing of mental constructs in cyber space interaction. We can say that the virtual is a reality which has facilitated the human being’s life, because through the virtual, which is a material medium (the computer), you can interact with others.

The term virtual reality was popularized in 1989, coined by Jaron Lanier: “Originally I approached the end as a response to a term that was already there. Ivan Sutherland is the father of computer graphics and he used the term “worlds virtual”, which actually refers to Suzanne Langer. She talked about virtual worlds in the 1950s, before there was technology to imagine them, she was using the term as a metaphor”.

We have created a myth that the Internet is a virtual world, which is not true, the Internet is a medium where information travels in digital form. Many times these data are used to construct fictional scenarios. In such cases, virtual environments are created, such as some role playing games (MMORPG) that are true virtual worlds. But when you make a police report on the Internet, it is not virtual. It is a real document, stored in digital form. When you talk to someone over the Internet, it is a virtual chat and a real conversation between two real people who have used digital media to communicate. What do you do on the Internet you are doing in your real life and it will bring consequences. You can not pretend that something that happens on the internet is a joke, you can make purchases or commit crimes on the Internet, and in both cases will have to pay for them. I decided to make a change in my profile, now when I approach a person I will have the opportunity to discover who the person is, and if do not know the person, eventually I can come to know. The internet can be somewhat productive in our lives, but we must increase our awareness that it is all too real. Sometimes too much.

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